International artist Murphy Smith has a sound that is a blend of old and new, familiar yet unique. Since age 10, Murphy has been immersed in music. Raised in Kansas City, spending time in his father's home studio is where his love for music began. He received his degree in Jazz Studies at the University of Kansas in Lawrence and then refined his musicality in New Orleans, playing with some of the best musicians in the city. While currently residing in Minneapolis, Murphy carries the sound of these musical cities with him everywhere he goes. Pulling inspiration from his time as a jazz bassist, and drawing heavily from the sounds of Minneapolis, Kansas City, and New Orleans, he now wants to go back to where it started. Most of all inspired by his father's songwriting, he also pulls from the sounds of an amalgam of other artists ranging from the Beatles to Maggie Rogers. His music covers a wide range of topics-from cats, to love, to notebooks, to how different people view the world. 


Starting during the Covid-19 lockdown, Murphy got to work learning how to produce, mix, and write his own songs. This August he  released his third single, titled "I'd Be a Fool Right Now" which is a reworking of a Stevie Wonder. After 3 years of endless writing and revisions, many more exciting songs and collaborations are in store for Murphy.